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Month: May 2021

Travelers Tips for Beating Jet Lag

Travelers Tips for Beating Jet Lag

Jet lag is a downer for most travelers. The experience is worse when a traveler gets groggy or out-of-sync with local culture. Nevertheless, most travelers beat jet lag by being disciplined and taking time to prepare for the trip. Here are tips to help you beat jet lag.

Rest before the Trip

Changes in time zone and lack of adequate sleep are some of the leading causes of jet lag. And don’t assume you will sleep during the flight. That’s because this doesn’t happen in most cases. Instead, skip departure parties and take your time to rest the night before your trip.

Eat and Drink Healthy

Avoid in-flight drinks because high altitude increases alcohol effects by up to three times. Thus, drinking alcohol during the flight will throw you off balance. If you must drink caffeine, do it before or on a flight when traveling west. Scientists have established that consuming caffeine before flying westward can reduce jet lag. However, the impact will be the opposite when traveling east.

Also, carry healthy or homemade snacks on the carry-on bag. That way, you can avoid fast food at the airport during layovers. Drinking adequate water will also help by keeping your body hydrated.

Exercise before and After the Flight

Even a quick walk or some yoga poses in a hotel room can help. A few exercises or a little stretching can help you minimize jet lag when flying. That’s because it can relieve restlessness or stress. Exercising after the flight can also wear you out and help you get a good rest at night.

Adjust the Internal Clock

Adjust your sleep cycle and internal clock to minimize jet lag. Use melatonin, a natural prescription sleep aids alternative to fall asleep early at night before and during your trip. That way, your sleep schedule can be on par with that of your destination.

Follow these tips, and beating jet lag will be easier for you whenever you travel.

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