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Best Travel Destinations for December

Best Travel Destinations for December

Besides summer, perhaps December is the best next period to plan for a vacation. It is among the busiest times of the year because people fly back home while others plan exotic locales for holidays and explorations, making it an excellent vacation time. In this article, we have discussed some of the best places to travel in December.

Bangkok, Thailand

The monsoon taper off in November brings about relatively cool, dry weather in Thailand in December; therefore, taking advantage of this gives you a chance to enjoy the pleasant sightseeing weather.

The Grand Palace, which is nearly 250 years old, is also a site you shouldn’t miss visiting while in Bangkok. It served as a home for the Thai kings and their Royal courts.

Venice, Italy

Perhaps the floating city is the most beautiful place in Italy. However, this may not be easy to know given its gorgeous visage, constantly crawling up with tourists. Seeing an icy fog curl spookily from the surface of the water is quite something, and you might be lucky to see snow.

St Barth’s, Caribbean

Almost everyone is in St. Barry in December because of the island’s original discreet sunny paradise with the world’s perfect beaches, restaurants, hotels, and villas.

Dubai, UAE

Here, the sun shines from January to November. Therefore, for a winter-sun festival, no place does it any bigger, brighter, and sparkler than Dubai. 

Moreover, in December, there is Rugby Sevens and a film festival. Also, visitors enjoy pre-Christmas designer sales as record-breaking Christmas trees groan under the weight of light and Swarovski crystals.

Parting Shot

With proper research, you will realize that apart from the above-discussed places, there are bunches of more tourist destinations you can tour during the December season. Make your holidays more exciting by making vocational tours to different places.