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International Travel Packing List

International Travel Packing List

International Travel Packing List

Whether you are planning a long term trip across the world or short trips to a few countries abroad, it is always important to have a detailed packing list. That will not only give you ample time to prepare well for the trip but, also ensure smooth adventures. While there are many things that you may be tempted to pack, it is always advisable to keep it small and light. The following international travel packing list can guide you on the essentials to pack. 

Travel Devices and Accessories 

Although there are several gadgets that you may need for an international trip, consider packing just the most important and less-expensive ones that will be useful on your adventures. The main travel devices and accessories to pack include. 

  • Travel adapters 
  • Camera and memory cards or films
  • Tablet or laptop 
  • Headphones 
  • Chargers for the cellphone and other devices 


Unlike domestic travel, international trips can be quite complex and there are a few miscellaneous items that you should also pack for convenience. The following items should also be part of your travel essentials for an international trip. 

  • ATM cards and credit cards 
  • Copy of your passport 
  • Emergency contacts of friends and family
  • Copy of your travel insurance 
  • Your contacts 

If you have an existing health condition, it would also be advisable to also carry a copy of important medical records that would be useful in case you may need help at the local hospitals. 

Personal Hygiene and Health 

Generally, several personal care products can be bought on the way. But, you should not take the risk with certain essential items such as; 

  • Sunscreen lotions 
  • Moisturizer
  • Anti-bacterial wipes 
  • Insect repellent 
  • First aid kit 
  • Water bottle 

Overall, the items to pack for an international trip will mainly depend on where you are traveling to, the purpose of the trip, the duration of your adventures, the activities that you intend to indulge in, and the season. Nevertheless, the golden rule is to always try to travel light.