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Tag: How to Travel Stress-Free while Vaping

How to Travel Stress-Free while Vaping

How to Travel Stress-Free while Vaping

Although vaping is allowed in many countries, the regulations for using e-cigarettes usually vary from one to another. In some countries like Egypt, Dubai, and Turkey, vaping is prohibited. As such, there are several things that you should know about traveling while vaping to ensure smooth trips. The following are useful tips on to travel stress-free while vaping. 

Preparations for Travel 

If you have chosen to travel with your vape device, it is important to prepare all the components for the trip. Start by properly cleaning the tanks, mods and other features then, pack all the items including the charger and batteries in a see-through plastic bag. 

Many airlines only allow passengers to carry liquids of 100ml and below. That means your vape juice should not exceed those limits. The bottle should also be placed in a transparent plastic bag. 

For flights, you should pack the vaping device and all its accessories in your carry-on or personal luggage to give the airport security an easier time at the gate. The FAA prohibits transporting vaping devices in checked baggage. 

At the Airport 

In most airports, vaping is only allowed at the designated smoking zones. But, some airports prohibit vaping on the premises. Therefore be sure to check the airport regulations on vaping before using your device there. 

On the Flight 

Similar to smoking, vaping is not allowed on flights. That means you will not be able to use the device on the plane. If you have to vape along the journey, you can do so when the flight comes to a stop. However, be sure to check the regulations for vaping at their airport beforehand. Nicotine patches and bubble gums can be ideal remedies to avoid the frustration of not being able to vape while on long flights. 

The disparities in airline and airport regulations regarding vaping can make traveling with vape devices seem quite challenging. However, you can easily beat all the stress by observing the guidelines discussed above. 

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